In our efforts to bring a long awaited solution to the Uintah Basin's oil industry, our commitment to protect our employees, communities and the environment is also a stewardship that FUELogistics has embedded in its core values and competencies. In support of this mission, we will proactively abide by stewardship principles that define our commitment to doing business in responsible ways:

    Commitment to Safety FirstAt FUELogistics, safety is a priority that is reflective in our mission to protect everyone that works with and for us, as well as the community in which we operate. In our effort to ensure that our working environment meets or exceeds all industry and governmental standards for saftey, we require strict adherence to proven safety protocols that are requisite and governed by policies and procedures set forth in our comprehensive and ongoing training and “Safety Certified” program. Each employee and contractor prior to entering our facility is required to complete and demonstrate competency in FUELogistics’ operational and maintenance 'Safety Certified' training program.Health, Safety, and Opportunity in our Community: In our pledge to our community, we will promote the awareness of healthy lifestyles among our employees and friends in the community. FUELogistics will provide proactive leadership in health awareness and general safety education as it relates to specific jobs and career opportunities in the oil industry. In an effort to educate the public about employment opportunities with FUELogistics and other oil industry companies operating in the Basin, FUELogistics will host job fairs, facility tours, and core job training opportunities for anyone who may have an interest in pursuing a career in the oil industry. This will assist industry in maintaining a healthy, vibrant, and properly trained workforce in our community.The FUELogistics Waxy Crude Upgrade Facility: when completed by the end of 2015, will be equipped with a state-of-art ‘Immediate Response System’ (IRS). This system is designed to immediately mobilize team responses in case of an emergency. It will assist FUELogistics safety personnel and first responders to quickly mobilize the appropriate emergency response teams, assess what chemicals are involved, and exactly where the problem occurred, while also identifying the location of all employees and contractors, and what is the most expeditious and safest route of exit and egress. In addition, thorough training in industrial emergency response techniques will be provided to all employees and local first responders. We will continue to work closely with the local authorities/first responders in the unlikely event of an emergency to ensure that proper procedures and safety protocols are followed.FUELogistics’ ‘Safety First’ mantra is a culture of awareness that begins at the top of management and flows to all associated with FUELogistics.The health of our employees is essential to safety in the workplace. We recognize that healthy employees are better able to do their jobs. Our coordinated approach to health involves a combination of processes, policies, benefits and environmental supports. Our pre-hire screening and ongoing employee heath fitness program evaluates whether employees are able to safely perform essential physical, psychological and cognitive requirements of their job without risk to themselves, others or the community. Our occupational hygiene safeguards help protects against potential workplace hazards such as noise and chemical exposure. For administrative staff, we strive to create a comfortable and healthy workplace, implementing methods that promote healthy office ergonomic conditions that are proven to prevent repetitive stress injuries. As a proactive health measure to reduce stress in the workplace, the FUELogistics facility will host a complete workout and fitness center for our employees use.

    Our Commitment to Protect the Environmentis based on several levels of awareness and resolve, moreover, the environmental impact of our health, environment, safety, as well as protecting and preserving habitats near our operations. Protecting our Employees, Communities and the Environment is a stewardship that FUELogistics has embedded in its core values and competencies. In support of this mission, we actively practice four environmental principles that define our commitment to doing business in environmentally responsible ways:Invite and encourage responsible and transparent discussions concerning the environment, working towards realistic goals that will allow us to best co-exist in the environment which we operate. Set aside ongoing capital investment in new and emerging technologies that will allow us to reduce our environmental impact and footprint. Operate responsibly. We apply commonsense principals of engagement which is based on two key principles: 'Do it responsibly, properly, and safely, or just don’t do it all' and ‘if it’s not helping to improve our use of our natural resources, we simply will not be involved or engaged in it. Site Stewardship. Respect it as you use it, and when you’re done with it, leave it as you found it or better.Conserving Freshwater Resources, especially in our desert region, FUELogistics recognizes the importance of fresh water as a fundamental social, environmental and economic resource. As a local operator, we are aware that access to sufficient sources of useful water is essential for our communities to thrive. Therefore, FUELogistics will develop an integrated freshwater management strategy to enhance current processes, implement tools and procedures to conserve, and management awareness of the importance of our water stewardship.

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