(Low Profile Fluid Catalytic Cracker)

The LP-FCC’s modular, low profile, multi-reactor design is a cost effective FCC process and technology that literally removes the barrier-to-entry for even the smallest of refining or oil producer operations. It can allow them to add state-of-art catalytic cracking capabilities that will increase production, provide operational agility, and inject more competitive value to their product and bottom-line. The multi-dimensional benefits from this ground breaking technology can also give larger refiners with existing FCC units the operational flexibility to process different kinds of feedstocks by effectively narrowing and customizing refining conditions to match desired product slates. For both, this results in a extremely cost effective solution that maximizes product yield and value, while reducing the feed that is typically converted to less useful products, such as coke, heavy cycle oil, and light fuel gases. The LP-FCC can also provide an economical solution for a back-up platform where redundancy is acheived through a series of LP-FCCs or a network of units operating in a clustered environment. So, in addition to improved product slates and value, simplified operations, and reducing overall lifecycle capital cost, a series of LP-FCC pod-arrays can guarantee a high-degree of continuous up-time. In this scenario, while other vessels are shut down for scheduled maintenance or in the event of unforeseen reductions or disruptions in production this provides for substantial operational flexibility for periods of low demand.


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